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Bookitlab is a management software for scientific Core Facilities and Shared Service Centres, used in leading scientific institutions across the world since 2007.


BookitLab helps to reduce costs, while offering intuitive, yet powerful and flexible control over all scientific equipment and services.

BookitLab (first named as “Bookit” and renamed to “BookitLab” in 2011) was first developed in 2007 by Prog4biz Software Ltd.

The system was developed together with a team of scientific advisers and research scientists in order to meet the needs of shared labs managers in different fields of research, such as life sciences, medicine, nano-technology, flow cytometry, nuclear physics and others.

Starting from the very first months of use, managers reported an increasing time saving both for staff and researchers in performing daily operations, as well as dramatic improve in the processes of equipment reservations, reporting, billing, asset management and other aspects of their work.

The system offers several solutions including: Core Facility Management, LIMS, ELN and others. All the solutions integrate tightly with each other, and each one of them is modular within itself. The system is highly configurable and customizable.

BookitLab customers get 24/7 technical support, as well as customization and additional software development on demand

Why Bookitlab?


  • Highest setup flexibility features for core facility managers and admins.
  • Your installation will contain only the features that you need.
  • Additional features and modules can be added anytime.
  • Pay only for what you use: Lite versions available to get you started.
  • Cloud Hosted or Self Hosted — choose what suits you.


  • Easy, intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • No need to train your users.
  • Access from any device.
  • Bookitlab offers also a Mobile App - access on the go.


  • Suitable for any size — from single Lab to Enterprise.
  • Securely Supports big amount of data objects of any type.
  • Flexible and configurable to meet your institute requirements.


  • Very cost effective pricing, compared to other solutions on the market.
  • Pay only for what you actually need - choose only the models your core/lab needs, and expand anytime in the future.
  • Lite edition available for small cores to start with.




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BookitLab has been used in leading scientific institutions around the world since 2007, including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, China and the Middle East.

"We loved the design, and the ability to have various access control and training configurations. Once we got to see the basic design and ease of use of BookItLab, we could not look at any other software. The whole team (about 10 people) chose this software over all other software. It wasn’t even a question! As a few of the team members said:  “you get what you pay for, and this software totally worth the pay”."

O. Sharpe | Science and Engineering Associate

Stanford University

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