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BookitLab ELN Software contains a secured Application Programming Interface to allow your enterprise software systems to retrieve and update data in the system, as well as to code your own routines and applications for the system.



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  • ISO/ FDA Compatibility

    ISO/ FDA Compatibility

    BookitELN for pharma & biotech integrates intellectual property management:
    •21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
    •Audit Trail and electronic signature - confirmation of Date and time • Username • Type of action • Data changed
    •ISO 170395, ISO 27001


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  • Experiment Management

    Experiment Management

    •Create flexible experiments templates
    •Understand better the full context of your results
    1. Zoom in - Small Details
    See the original experiment protocol,lot number of reagents
    2. Zoom out - Big Picture
    Organize your lab based on your standards!

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