BookitLab ELN - Cloud or Self Hosted

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On Premises or Cloud

ELN - Cloud or Self Hosted

• Decide if you would like a self-hosted solution, set up and maintained locally, or a cloud hosted solution, hosted and maintained by BookitLab's team.


• Full support and ongoing upgrades are provided in both types of installation.


• Effective 24/7 customer support for your organization, regardless of the solution you choose.installation, or be free to run the system on your servers without relying on external resources

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  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Measure your team productivity and your lab effectiveness

    Reporting in a glance:
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    Instrument reservations reporting
    Search facilities for experiments




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  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    • Get warnings when stock reaches low level and when a product reaches a critical
    Level - get automatic notification
    • Avoid duplicate orders in your lab
    • Use the re-order function in your order history (price, quantity, date, user).
    Enjoy automatic reminder regarding previous discounts from suppliers

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