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Core Facility Management Software

Manage Every Aspect Of Your Core Facility with BookitLab

BookitLab Core Facility Management Software and Lab Equipment Scheduling Software helps core facilities and shared resource centers worldwide to manage their daily operations in the most effective way.


BookitLab Core Facilities Management Suite provides a comprehensive software and optionally hardware solution that manages core facilities and shared labs intuitively and effectively. The system has been used in leading scientific institutions around the world for over 10 years, including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.


BookitLab is flexible and suitable for all sizes of core facilities, starting from single core facility to enterprise institution istallations.

Modules and features include :

  • • Intuitive and accessible from any platform/ device.
    • Equipment Training.
    • Manage Workloads and Upsize Utilization Rates.
    • Flexible scheduling/ usage pricing policy.
    • Configurable.


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  • Measure user reported usage or actual usage

    • Use users reported usage as a basic option.

    • Tighten your usage data by measuring the actual time spent working. Measure the exact time spent by a specific user on an equipment/ software/ accessory with BookitLab access control.

    • Remote shut off from any internet connected device


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  • Lock and Control Any Equipment or Service:


    • Lock against untrained users and against unauthorized usage
    • Unique software lock and various hardware locks.
    • Lock of specific applications/ entire machine.
    • Option for clean room doors access control.
    • Equipment access control for any service or equipment.
    • Unique software equipment access control to pin point the control to any specific application/s.
    • Hardware Relay Unit Control.
    • Door access control integration (clean rooms/ facility access/ other)


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Requested Services

Implement any request work flow :

Predefined and configurable request forms and request flows.


Genomics core suite :

A full blown LIMS designed specifically for Genomics cores with flows for Next Generation Sequencing/ Deep Sequencing.


Flexible charge methods :

Charge by quote, per sample, or by amount reported. Automatic billing and invoicing.


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Offline Staff Works

• An add on for quick entry of staff done works

• Supports any type of staff work/ user reported works.

• Predefined billing and dynamic pricing policies.

• Bulk entry of records


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Lab Inventory Management

• Lab Inventory List

• Stock Level Notifications

• Product Details

• Stock History


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Asset Management


• Asset Search Engine.

• Asset Specifications Page.

• Seamless integration with BookitLab equipment and services.

• Bulk entry of records.


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Equipment Maintenance

• Schedule and track equipment maintenance events.
• Get event notifications to keep you on track.
• Monitor related technician work.

• Manage equipment documents

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  • Optimize core revenues :

    • Easily set up charges for any staff work done, consumables, cancelled scheduling, unused reserved time, staff assistance, licensed software usage, data store storage. Any type of work or service is chargeable.
    • Automatically charge internal users via ERP integration.
    • Define maximum spent per each user group/ customer.
    • Charge ahead or charge after.
    • Debtors management tools


    Full Costs Management :

    • Full billing cycle
    • Expenses management: profit and loss analysis per service


    Integration :

    We integrate tightly with your financial system
    • Easily configure reservation forms
    • Physical/ virtual equipment accessories and accessories policies
    • Set up reservations and usages policies


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    The system has an extensive reporting platform with specific modules and add-on related reporting tools as well as system wide reporting tools.

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User Management

• Manage and create users from various sources: spreadsheets, registration, admin forms.
• Assign various user roles and permissions.
• Audit user activities in the system

• User database integration 

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Equipment Files Sync

• Seamlessly synchronize equipment files.


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Additional Features

Self-Hosted /Cloud-Hosted


•The system is offered both as a self-hosted solution, which is set up and maintained locally, and as a cloud -hosted solution, maintained by BookitLab's team.
•Choose the installation type that suits you. Enjoy the full-service solution of the SaaS resources.
•Full support and ongoing upgrades are provided in both types of installation.
•Effective 24/7 customer support for your organization, regardless of the solution you choose.


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All BookitLab data is protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. These systems provide important security measures such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and password brute-force detection on hosting accounts, built-in firewalls and multi-factor authentication (MFA).


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BookitLab contains a secured Application Programming Interface to allow your enterprise software systems to retrieve and update data in the system, as well as to code your own routines and applications for the system.


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The system keeps a detailed audit trail for each transaction, including the timestamp, user, action, related resource and related actions.


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System Setup/ Implementation Methodology

Since 2005, our team has implemented successfully hundreds of various software projects among them BookitLab implementations. Although Implementation steps and methodology may vary based on installation scope and customer special requirements, a typical implementation road map is as follows


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  • Simple:

    - Easy, intuitive and user-friendly interface

    - No need to train your users

    - Access from any device

    - BookitLab also offers a Mobile App - access on the go


    - Highest setup flexibility features for core facility managers and admins

    - Your installation will contain only the features that you need

    - Additional features and modules can be added anytime

    - Pay only for what you use: Lite versions available to get you started

    - Cloud-Hosted or Self-Hosted - choose what suits you



    - Single core/lab or enterprise - we've got the setup suited just for your needs and budget

    - Securely supports large amounts of data objects of any type

    - Perfect for any size - from small lab to large cross-university installations, governmental agencies and commercial companies

    - Flexible and configurable to meet your institute requirements

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“We setup BookitLab last year and haven’t looked back. The system is a great way to maximize utility on all our core equipment. BookitLab allows us to schedule equipment and manage user fees with ease. It also makes adjusting those schedules painless. Amir and his team have been tremendous in customizing our setup to meet our needs. I would highly recommend BookitLab as a great value.”

  • B. Drew Rockett, PhD

    Operations Manager, East Carolina

    Diabetes and Obesity Institute

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