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  • Optimize core revenues :

    • Easily set up charges for any staff work done, consumables, cancelled scheduling, unused reserved time, staff assistance, licensed software usage, data store storage. Any type of work or service is chargeable.
    • Automatically charge internal users via ERP integration.
    • Define maximum spent per each user group/ customer.
    • Charge ahead or charge after.
    • Debtors management tools.


    Full Costs Management :

    • Full billing cycle.
    • Expenses management: profit and loss analysis per service.

    • Optional tight integration with various 3rd party billing systems. BookitLab is the only system out

    there that can validate payment sources from your financial system and then push

    transactions directly to that financial system.

    • Optional Full Costs Management- BookitLab can offer a full costs management solution including not only billing but also payments and expenses. This allows to run a profit/ loss per each resource with a click of a button.


    Integration :

    We integrate tightly with your financial system:
    • Easily configure reservation forms.
    • Physical/ virtual equipment accessories and accessories policies.
    • Set up reservations and usages policies.

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  • Business Intelligence

    The system has an extensive reporting platform with specific modules and add-on related reporting tools as well as system wide reporting tools.

    Lab members can create various kinds of activity reports to fully track the work and expenses of the laboratory.
    Core facility management keeps track of profit and loss in various segments of the core.
    Reports can be prepared by using one of the numerous existing reports: by events, by users, annual balance report, service balance summary, etc. or create various tailored reporting options using report generators.
    By creating periodical reports it is easy to track the lab's expenses and income, beneficially assisting to maintain an economical lab.

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  • User Management

    • Manage and create users from various sources: spreadsheets, registration, admin forms.

    •Assign various user roles and permissions.

    • Audit user activities in the system






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