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About Prog4biz

About Prog4biz

Prog4biz Software Solutions Ltd, established in 2005, provides software development solutions, specializing in database applications & custom web application development.


Our extensive portfolio of clients includes DHL, Sesame Street, Shalom Sesame, Claims Conference, New York Stem Cell Foundation, East Carolina University, Tel-Aviv University, Hebrew University, Bar Ilan University, Bar Ilan Institute of Nano Technology and Advanced Materials, Delek Fuel Corporation, Migdal Insurance Group, Hop TV Channel, Luli TV Channel, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel Health Ministry, Abarbanel Hospital and other organizations and start-ups.

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions and services from early planning through development and ongoing maintenance.


BookitLab was developed in 2007 together with a team of scientific advisers and research scientists in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University in order to meet the needs of Core Facilities managers in different fields of research, such as life sciences, medicine, nano-technology, flow cytometry, nuclear physics and others.


During the years of successively running BookitLab in several major universities, many new features and modules were added to the initial solution, in order to adjust the software to changing environment, updated equipment and innovative technologies.


“Our mission was and always will be to make BookitLab an adjustable and reliable solution to meet the most modern and customized needs of our customers, in terms of solution and available budget to spend.”

Our customers maintain long and tight relationships with our team, and their satisfaction is the most important outcome and asset for the company.


For further information about Prog4biz, please visit our website at www.prog4biz.com.


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