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    v Electronic Lab Notebook


    v LIMS- Request Management

    v Enterprise Asset Management

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    "BookitLab has almost entirely eliminated the time needed to manage the scheduling and fees, and our

    students and industrial partners really like how easy it is to use. The customer service has been outstanding."


    Karen Ryan | Equipment Engineer

    Gateway University Research Park, NC



    Why BookitLab? 


    v Maximum Flexibility


    v Cost - Effective

    v User Friendly Interface + Mobile App

    v Proven 10 Years Record


    v Global Leader

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BookitLab is a comprehensive lab management platform with specialized suites and modules. The system has been used in leading scientific institutions across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East with a proven record of 10 years. BookitLab Core Facility Management Software and Lab Equipment Scheduling Software helps core facilities and shared resource centers worldwide to manage their daily operations in the most effective way. BookitLab ELN and Request Management helps Bio Incubators and Research Labs to run their operations smoothly and effectively.



Core Facility Management


BookitLab Core Facility Management Software helps core facility managers to reduce costs, while offering intuitive, yet powerful and highly flexible control over all scientific equipment and services.

BookitLab contains a wide range of tools and abilities designed specifically for scientific core facilities and shared service centers and it is used in core facilities of leading scientific institutions across the world for the past 10 years.

Modules and features Include:

  • Equipment scheduling

  • Access Control

  • Requested Services

  • Inventory Management

  • Billing

  • Business Intelligence

LIMS/ Request Management


BookitLab LIMS/ Request Management solution offers lab managers and lab users a complete control on the request workflow of any work procedure. The user request goes through a dynamic predefined process of confirmation, execution stages, comments and results.

ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)

BookitLab ELN solution is an intuitive, flexible, highly scalable software solution that combines all your research management works.

Animal Facility Management

BookitLab provides Animal Facility Management solution/ module for scientific centres and labs.

Animal Management software includes:

• Cage Management including unique Mobile and Tablet apps.
• Colony Management including Mating Management.
• Tight integration with other BookitLab solutions.

Enterprise Asset Management


• Increase transparency and knowledge share across your organization

• Reduce costs, downtime, and risk while increasing reliability

• Intitutive user interface

• Streamline operations
• Seamlessly integrates with your organization systems

  • Simple:

    - Easy, intuitive and user-friendly interface

    - No need to train your users

    - Access from any device

    - BookitLab also offers a Mobile App - access on the go


    - Highest setup flexibility features for core facility managers and admins

    - Your installation will contain only the features that you need

    - Additional features and modules can be added anytime

    - Pay only for what you use: Lite versions available to get you started

    - Cloud-Hosted or Self-Hosted - choose what suits you



    - Single core/lab or enterprise - we've got the setup suited just for your needs and budget

    - Securely supports large amounts of data objects of any type

    - Perfect for any size - from small lab to large cross-university installations, governmental agencies and commercial companies

    - Flexible and configurable to meet your institute requirements

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Why BookitLab?



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Flexibility |  Simplicity | 10 Years Proven Record |  Ongoing Support | Price

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“We setup BookitLab last year and haven’t looked back. The system is a great way to maximize utility on all our core equipment. BookitLab allows us to schedule equipment and manage user fees with ease. It also makes adjusting those schedules painless. Amir and his team have been tremendous in customizing our setup to meet our needs. I would highly recommend BookitLab as a great value.”

  • B. Drew Rockett, PhD

    Operations Manager, East Carolina

    Diabetes and Obesity Institute

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