Why BookitLab

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Why BookitLab

Save money and time with BookitLab

Save staff time


  • Dramatic reduction of staff work hours spent on typing, tracking, and collecting billing. This usually affects the following functions: secretary, finance, management and administration.
  • Save lab staff work hours by enabling them to report their work directly and easily into the BookitLab Core Facility Management Software.
  • Save lab staff work hours spent on coordinating tutoring sessions with their users, and when relevant, allow only trained users to work.

Save researchers time


  • Researcher reports dramatically reduce work hours spent on processing billing reports
  • Researchers access their billing data at various levels from top summary to highly detailed levels of each billing event by their users
  • Any billing discussions between you and your customers (researchers / external companies / others) are reduced to minimum.

Increase maintenance effectiveness

  • Staff work hours spent in maintenance is reduced.
  • Coordinate with suppliers, block future reservations, alert all affected users, notify all the other users, track and analyze maintenance costs: all done quickly and efficiently from one interface.

Increase focus on core responsibilities

  • Save staff work and increase equipment usage by easily defining and effectively enforcing detailed policies per service and equipment.

Increase efficiency in booking and scheduling assets


  • BookitLab contains multiple tools and features. They increase the efficiency of booking time, including notifications in real time on service occupancy, with features for taking over used time of reservations.  BookitLab also enables ordering permissions to become less restricted as the reservation start time nears, etc…
    It also enables 
    penalization of users for canceling orders based on a canceling policy that allows lower cancellation fees for earlier cancellations, and penalizing for ordering more lab time than actually required.
  • BookitLab also analyzes the behavior per equipment, and each research group in terms of work efficiency, so that administrators and decision makers can learn how and where to increase the efficiency rates.

Save money


  • Purchasing new equipment - learn exactly when a need for purchasing new high cost equipment is justified.
  • Learn what equipment features are required, based upon the analyzes of existing user behavior in similar instances.
  • Save great expenses when purchasing the right equipment, with the right features, at the right time.

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