Usage Measurement

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Equipment Usage Measurement

  • Measure user reported usage or actual usage

    • Use users reported usage as a basic option.

    • Tighten your usage data by measuring the actual time spent working. Measure the exact time spent by a specific user on an equipment/ software/ accessory with BookitLab access control.

    • Remote shut off from any internet connected device


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  • Equipment Access Control

    Equipment Access Control

    Lock and Control Any Equipment from unwanted usage

    • Lock against un trained users and against unauthorized usage.

    • Unique software lock and various hardware locks.


    • Lock of specific applications/ entire machine.

    • Bring your own lock: we'll set them up into the system for you.

    • Option for clean room doors access control.



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  • Requested Services

    Requested Services

    Implement any request work flow :
    • Predefined and configurable request forms and request flows.

    Genomics core suite :
    A full blown LIMS designed specifically for Genomics cores with flows for Next Generation Sequencing/ Deep Sequencing.


    Flexible charge methods :
    Charge by quote, per sample, or by amount reported. Automatic billing and invoicing.



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