Implementation Methodology

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Implementation Methodology

System Setup/ Implementation Methodology

Since 2005, our team has implemented successfully hundreds of various software projects among them BookitLab implementations.


Although Implementation steps and methodology may vary based on installation scope and customer special requirements, a typical implementation road map is as follows:

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  • Equipment Scheduling

    Equipment Scheduling

    • Intuitive and accessible from any platform/ device.

    • Equipment Training.


    • Manage Workloads and Upsize Utilization Rates.

    • Flexible scheduling/ usage pricing policy.

    • Configurable.



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  • Usage Measurement

    Usage Measurement

    Measure reported usage / actual usage

    • Use users reported usage as a basic option.

    • Tighten your usage data by measuring the actual time spent working. Measure the exact time spent by a specific user on an equipment/ software/ accessory with BookitLab access control.

    • Remote shut off from any internet connected device

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