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Equipment Scheduling

Equipment Scheduling

• Intuitive and accessible from any platform/ device.
• Equipment Training
• Manage Workloads and Upsize Utilization Rates
• Flexible scheduling/ usage pricing policy
• Configurable


  • Intuitive, Accessible

    Intuitive, Accessible

    Intuitive scheduling from any internet connected device: All common desktop browsers, mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android apps and mobile compatible website for any other smartphones.

Equipment Training

• Use users reported usage as a basic option.
• Tighten your usage data by measuring the actual time spent working. Measure the exact time spent by a
specific user on an equipment/ software/ accessory with BookitLab access control.
• Remote shut off from any internet connected device

  • Equipment Utilization - Manage Workloads and Upsize Utilization Rates

    Equipment Utilization - Manage Workloads and Upsize Utilization Rates

    • Prioritize internal users over commercial companies
    • Increase off-peak time reservations volume
    • Availability Notifications configured to best fit a user work
    • Increase correlations between reservations and actual usages
    • Manage equipment down time
    • Utilization analysis and decision making tools

  • Set a base price and any pricing policy on top of it

    Set a base price and any pricing policy on top of it

    • Different pricing for different user sources: Faculty, Institute, Academy, Commercial.
    • Pricing thresholds to change work rate dynamically.
    • Charge equipment time by scheduled time or by used time or any combination of
    the two.
    • Implement any cancellation policy (or use our default one)
    • Refund partially or fully

  • Configurable


    • Easily configure reservation forms
    • Physical/ virtual equipment accessories and accessories policies
    • Set up reservations and usages policies

BookitLab ELN solution integrates seamlessly with BookitLab Core Facility solution to provide a full shared work environment for research labs such as bio accelerators.
To read more about BookitLab Core Facility please Click Here

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