Case Study - BookitLab ELN at FutuRx

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Case Study BookitLab ELN - FutuRx

BookitLab ELN at FutuRx Bio Incubators

Dr Limor Miara, Pre- clinical Director & Lab Manager at FutuRx

Following our visit at the FutuRx Bio-Incubators and being impressed by the high professional level of its companies, specialising in the fields of immunology, neurobiology, virology, medicine development and more, we had a fruitful discussion with Dr. Limor Miara to understand the abilities of the BookitLab ELN and its contribution to the management of the Bio-Incubator:

Q: Where do you think the time savings are reflected, in the maximum way, using the BookitLab ELN system?

A: “One of the most important regulatory issues is the electronic signature. In the paper notebooks, it was very difficult to track and monitor the signatures. Today, I can easily ensure that all trials are signed according to the 21 CFR part 11 FDA guidelines.
In addition, moving from a traditional laboratory notebook to an electronic notebook led to better management and standardization of the working processes.
Another important point is to coordinate expectations with the researchers. This change allowed us to measure outputs and increase productivity. The ability to use BookitLab ELN as a solution for quality control creates a significant tool to manage information and knowledge in the bio-incubators.

Q: What do you think would be a comparative advantage of BookitLab ELN compared to other products you checked in the field?

A: “I think the biggest advantage is the BookitLab’s team and company's approach. Each of my requests for service or support was answered professionally and satisfied me. When purchasing LIMS or ELN, you do not buy only a product, but you are committed to a cultural change, and therefore the service is critical to the project’s success.
I would also like to mention, the interfacing of BookitLab ELN to the existing systems and customization that they generate for us so that the system will meet our requirements.”

Q: We wanted to ask you whether you have received feedback from managers in the bio-incubators about BookitLab ELN?

A: “There is feedback I have received recently from one of our senior managers, who attended a meeting with investors at the conference. The ability to share the results from the conference in real-time helped to understand the full picture and make a decision.
How the metadata is shared via electronic notebook makes those who analyze the results exposed to the full scientific context. That is very important for our work and standards as bio-incubator.
The critical point is that standard paper laboratory notebooks may not be taken out of the lab, in comparison to the electronic notebook, which is available all the time from anywhere by an authorized user according to his/her level of authorization.”

Q: Limor, could you please indicate a significant point for you in the course of implementation? Maybe, the point where you felt that the energy you put into the process began to pay back?


A: “This point is related to ISO17025 certificate, which we received from the laboratory accreditation authority. Actually, in this process, an external body checked us in our procedures, objectively and gave approval to our planning and organization from all regulatory aspects.”

Q: If someone asks for your recommendation regarding BookitLab ELN, what would be your response?


A: ”Unequivocally, I would recommend a Biotech company to use BookitLab ELN. It helps in the documentation, ordering and ease of access to submission to regulatory authorities and most importantly, provides a prompt support and excellent customer service for any problem.”


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